The “Learning Support” team explores how to use 

(1) SEN-related professional knowledge, (2) school administrative support measures, and

 (3) different soft skills to support and strengthen schools and teachers at the individual and team levels through interactive classes led by the LS team tutors. 

The following are some examples of classes.


Tutorial 6 – Cross school exchange

Tutorial 6 – Learning & Teaching

Tutorial 7 – Afterschool Support

Tutorial 8 – An overall reflection on the school visits

Support for schools

Lesson Preparation with teachers Class observationTeacher’s training

School Visits

Task analysis and flow chart in small group support

Asbury Methodist Primary School

Working Stations in an English Afterschool Support class

Lutheran Tsang Shing Siu Leun School

Authentic experience in socialization group


Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School

Authentic experience in socialization group

Methodist College

Peer appreciation activity


Pui Kiu College

Bike relay in school

Tseung Kwan O Methodist Primary School

Lego production in small group


Tseung Kwan O Methodist Primary School

Sand molding activity for sensory integration

Tseung Kwan O Methodist Primary School

Emotion meter


Fanling Assembly of God Church Primary School

Promotional Workshops

Topic: “14 Tangible Ways to Cater for Learning Diversity in Classrooms” delivered by Dr Hastings Chim
Topic: “How Executive Function helps to cater for students with behavioral, emotional and social development needs.” delivered by Dr Hastings Chim
Learning and Teaching Expo, 2022: “What are the Roles of SENST in an Inclusive Setting?”

Tutorial Recordings

*Please note: The following class examples were filmed in the first year of the project (2021-2022) and were conducted via Zoom due to the pandemic. Currently, classes and other support meetings have resumed face-to-face format.

Primary School Tutorial 2

Primary School Tutorial 4

Secondary School Tutorial 1

Secondary School Tutorial 2

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